Here's a picture of Garry's jeep...we changed the direction of the ducks on the shields so that the ducks would be flying forward on both sides of the vehicles...when I went to put the second one on Garry's vehicle I realized that I had accidentally put the passenger side one on the drivers side so...Garry's ducks were all flying backwards...OOOOPS

First of all I gotta tell you that these two guys, Garry Ringler and David Wright, took off from home in Syracuse, IN around 9:00 am the same day that we took off only we didn't get out of here until around 4:00 in the afternoon. However...we caught up to them the very next day after breakfast...they got stuck up in the Cabela's Store just west of Minneapolis, was the best time I ever had in Cabela's...just too much fun.

Below is a picture of Susie in her golf cart that we also took up North with came in very handy running from the barn and all about the farm...we will have to take it back up now every time.
When Cosmic Ray arrived from Winnipeg we were quick to get his shields on...we substituted a moose for the ducks on his and got them on right...
Windows in the bunk room was first up on the list of things to get done and after a briefing from Dan List (back at home) on the "How To's" of this operation we all got after it...cutting the hole in the metal turned out to be the easiest part but we all managed to get the job done and I feel really good about the installation.
Coz on the left and Garry on the right...we are ready to put the window in
Farls (David Wright) is seen here with a look of "Well...let's get this show on the road men!"
Another action shot!
Proof that I did something in the effort to get the windows in!
Thanks men (and I use that term loosely)
This was taken the first moring...after breakfast in the living room bin.
Of course after Coz arrived with his awesome coffee machine pictured here along with some Kona Coffee thanks to our friend Doug Allen from Hawaii breakfast was never the same
Before Coz headed for home we got a picture of him and Susie...friends for sure!
Garry insisted that I take this photo...
Here's a shot of Garry...what's he doing you ask? Well...he's signing the book plate for the first book donated to our NDHL library. Garry brought the first book. Thanks Garry we really do appreciate this. Coz was next to add a couple of nifty books. More on this subject to come.
Garry and Delbert having a laugh...there were plenty to be had I tell ya...
We set up the big top after all of our help took off and it really came in handy...the little bit of rain that we did receive while we were up there didn't stop production at all because of it...we have the walls also for this fall's trip so we can keep all of the tables and tools set up the whole time.