Brandon Dennis, Susie and I left home at 4:00 am in the pouring rain pulling an overloaded trailer with a truck that was equally stuffed. We hit some big snow flakes in Minneapolis before the skies cleared up for a near perfect landing in Cando about 10:00 pm where we spent the night in the Sportsman Hotel.The above image is of when we had just unloaded the truck and trailer.For the most part everything survived the rainy trip pretty well.

Here's a picture of Brandon and Susie while we were just setting up camp and unloading the trailer and truck...the weather was good...somewhat overcast however it was great for what we were doing at the time.
We had no more than arrived on the farm before my sister Kathy and her husband LeRoy from Washington pulled in and set up their motor home next door to the lodge.
When we went to unboard the front door we had quite a surprise...BEES....honey bees had built a hive between the plywood and the glass and it was about half full with all that is commonly found within the a bee hive I guess. North Dakota has many bee keepers from California, Arizona etc. bring their hives up for the season and they had just left for home a couple of days before we had arrived so we had to handle this situation on our own. We peeled back the plywood and let me tell you that these bees were not sleeping at all...looked like there were at least 10 million to me. At any rate we removed the hive and Brandon did manage to gather up a fair bit of honey in a bowl that everyone was able to enjoy throughout the time we were there.
Our first crew, Dan List, Larry Erb and Bill Hutchinson (one of our son-in-laws (Tammy's husband) arrived early that Saturday afternoon after a drive through the night trip that was highlighted with a collision with a deer just before entering North Dakota...Dan List (driver/operator/owner of the vehicle) said that his reaction time with the brakes had just begun when what was left of the deer was visible in his rear view mirror. They had to pull the bumper away from the front wheel in order to be able to turn left however other than that it made for pretty good conversation for the next few days.