The Bar-B-Que went quite well we think...Susie started cooking at 8:00am and didn't turn the oven off until took that long to get everything cooked up...pulled pork sandwiches, potato salad, pasta salad, cheese potatoes, baked beans and deviled eggs as best as I can remember now....2 cakes and 2 pies (Norske Nook) from Wisconsin...and Delbert's home made ice cream....
1-Beverly Lewallen, 2-Forrest Smeltzer, 3-John's wife, 4-John Nadeau, 5-John's Daughter, 6-Terry Johnson, 7-Terry's wife,
8-LaVon Wagenman, 9-LaVon's granddaughter, 10-Anna Olson, 11-Margie, 12-Babe Belzer, 13-Harold Ness, 14-Howard's wife,
15-Howard Soderberg, 16-Delbert Lewallen, 17-Kelly Smeltzer, 18-Harlan Wagenman, 19-Stella Belzer, 20-Heather Belzer,
21-Mary Belzer, 22-Terry's granddaughter, 23-? Belzer, 24-Bernadette Belzer, 25-Jeff Tuebner, 26-? Tuebner, 27-Terry's granddaughter,
28-Holly Johnson, 29-David Butler, 30-Susie Butler, 31-Tim Johnson, 32-Karen Lewallen, 33-Bruce Lewallen, 34-Jackie Smeltzer
I am sorry that I am not able to remember all of the names...I'll put them in when I figure it out.
We had been wanting to do something like this for some time now and we were so glad that so many neighbors and friends took the time to come out and help us celebrate the moment together. Some brought some food even when they were told not to...that was fine of course. We brought up the tent awnings and some extra tables and found several old fold up chairs in the barn along with some tables and chairs that my sister and her husband LeRoy had brought out and left a couple of years ago. The morning started out with thunder storms but cleared off nicely before noon and many asked if we had sprayed or something because the bugs were not a bother at all. I think the last of our guests left about 9:30 pm and we were all done cleaning up by 10:30 or so. We had such a great time that we are already planning for the next time.
Before our neighbors and friends arrived this is how it don't want to see what it looked like after they all left!...just kidding.
Okay...maybe this is a bit crazy...a giant bowl of ice cream on a jeep on a hot summer evening in Cando? Well?
The 2 girls up front happen to be big stars in a play that we were lucky enough to see in Devils Lake...Bernadette was one of the orphans in the play Annie and her sister Mary in the white dress plays Annie...they were both wonderful.
More than 30 years ago the Tuebners had us out for a fine meal at their farm and I don't remember but I did draw this picture...I can't believe they still have it and were able to find it...I hope that it won't surface for at least another 30 years or so.
Bumped into Kathy and Jeff at an auction and the next day they came by and brought Jeff's mom and dad, Edair and Ron Tuebner
This is about all we have from the Bar-B-Que however we have more from this trip and if you want to right HERE