I think you can see everyone here in the group shot...Amy and her 3 kids left before this picture
however it's still a rather large group wouldn't you say?

The tables were set...place mats and name cards
except Ralph Wakely...I know that I made him one however it never did materialize. We let him sit at a table just the same though
Desserts...some people couldn't wait to even start the real meal before they had theirs...Scotty?
A couple of birthdays to note here.
Jack Rhodes (left, Vince's dad) turned 82 the day of the banquet of all things and yes...there was a birthday cake! My dad (Doyle, center) celebrated his 80th birthday April 13th. And of course that's me (on the right) giving Jack a hard time!
The planning committee? (Susie and Tammy)
Looks like an "UHOH" moment here!
Brandon Dennis:
Quaker Haven Director had some opening remarks before we got started.
Compliments to Brandon the chef and the rest of his staff for putting together a great meal at a great place (Quaker Hall)
Robin and Dan with something to smile about!
Brandon's wife Amy
and their youngest "Buoy Pontoon" (an old Indian name I think)
Vince and his Mom Marilyn
Not sure what's going here?
After the meal it was time to hand out some awards.
This year everyone who had made the trip up and back (2,000) was awarded the (how many miles they had traveled up and back) "MILE CLUB" tshirts. Here's Jon handing Brandon's 2,000 mile club shirt.
Steve Carson with his 2,000 mile club shirt.
Jon presenting Rob with his 6,000 mile club shirt.
Vince with his 4,000 mile club shirt and a story about Steve and Ralph...
Scotty Pounds just after he was presented a key to the lodge award and of course he had some stories to tell also but after awhile we had to make him sit down...he just wouldn't go away!
Dave Wright (Farls) being presented his Key award.
Not pictured getting their Key awards: Garry Ringler, Steve Carson and Jon Hare...sorry about that guys.
Here's a picture of my dad (Doyle) and me in front of the 2009 banquet banner.
Here's a picture of the awards and prizes...click HERE to see more about this.