An article that ran in the April 2011 issue of North Dakota Living was about a fellah by the name of Ed Schlosser from Jamestown, North Dakota. He has been making these unique crosses for some time now and the story just sort of intrigued me so after reading it I called up the number they had for him if you wanted to buy one of his crosses. His wife Delores answered the phone and talked us into buying 2 of them (not really...we wanted 2 to begin with)...anyways in a couple of days time this package arrives in the mail box and it's the 2 crosses...we hadn't even sent the money out yet and it was just so dang refreshing to know that there are still trusting sorts out there so I called them up again and thanked them and during this conversation they invited us to stop if ever we were passing by. So sure enough this trip we did just was great meeting them...they are really nice people and we wished we could have stayed longer and visited more but were on schedule to arrive up here at the lodge about 10:00 pm so we had to keep going. To the left is one of the crosses we have for up here at the's sitting there on top of the article...and then below here is a picture of the two of of the crosses Ed is holding is the one that is here now.
We decided to leave earlier than we had planned for a couple of is that our friend Forrest Smeltzer had passed away and the services were on Monday afternoon. We made it there for the service and it was sure a big gathering at the church...pretty much all the seats were filled. We saw many of our friends there and met some new ones too. It is sad that he is gone...he was just one of the kindest men you could have ever met for sure...below is collection of pictures we had of him from the Bar-B-Que last summer.
Noel B. Weber's one daughter Anna sent us some coffee and a chocolate bar from out in Oregon where she is from. We have been saving them for when we came up here next and that time is here's a picture of the coffee and the chocolate has been ground and we are ready to have at it...thanks Anna are a great kid and a good friend.
So I should back up here a minute and start from the beginning...we left on the 19th of May (Saturday) about 3:30 in the afternoon. We had the trailer and truck both loaded clear up and it felt so good to get on our way. We had an easy time getting through Chicago and stopped in Portage, Wisconsin to spend the night. We took off pretty early Sunday morning and stopped a couple of times so Susie could do some shopping...I slept in the truck while I waited. We got here around 10:00 pm and opened up the lodge, took in everything we needed for the night and got right to bed. Monday morning we unloaded everything and was about to leave for the services when I happened to look out a window to the North and there was a big ole moose about 30 yards out...of course I could not find the camera so you will just have to believe me. Below is a picture back to the lodge from where the moose was standing...and then also you can see a picture of a hoof print.
Speaking of moose?'s some evidence that they have visited here earlier....that's right....I almost stepped in it. This was between the lodge and the old farm house just South of the lilac bushes.
Here's Bisbee in the morning...
Supper on the deck.
Sunset... least part of it?
Some of Grandpa's equipment.
This was taken as the sun was setting...looking North East near the Osborn farm.
That's my shadow waving as the sun goes down.
Morning time.
Looking out of the woods to the West as the sun goes down.
These fine creatures were spotted up by the North slew having a pretty good time it appears.
Above is the old chicken house and to the right?...well one of the out houses was taken in the morning and the other in the evening...can you tell which is which?