Here's the plan...there are 2 round, steel bins, 18 feet across, 9 feet apart, 10 feet to the eaves...and we are going to connect them together to create a truly unique 18' x 45' hunting lodge.
Here's the floor can see where you enter the lodge front and center into the kitchen/dining room and the right you will enter into the bunk rooms...4 bunk beds total. To the left you will enter into the living area complete with a wood stove and plenty of comfortable furniture.
The master bedroom is easily converted... slide some furniture around...close the barn door style privacy wall with the access door into up the Murphy Bed and there you are...and if you need a little more sleeping accommodations use the fold out couch and you can sleep 11.
The first bin was built in 1969 and the second I am guessing the next year or so...this is probably the only pictures of the bins while they were just two lonely abandoned grain storage systems (like the thousands and thousands of smaller sized bins that scatter the landscape of North Dakota.)

We began by cutting 10' high by 14' wide openings into the bins.
After we opened them up it was great to discover that the slabs were nearly level with each other. I should probably say here that when I say we...I am talking about my wife Susie and myself...and that what we call "PhaseOne" took place at the end of October to the beginning of November. The weather could not have been any better...cold mornings that warmed up to t-shirt temperatures the remainder of the day...great weather for sure particularly at that time of the year.

Opening up the bins was a tough job and we were fortunate that we could accomplish this task injury free.
Next came the floor ...we put 6x6 posts 4 feet deep in the ground with 2 bags of sakrete in each hole...attached 2x12 green treat to them and on on each side...this gave us substantial support for our 14' x 16' floor that bridges the 2 bins together.
Here's Susie ...she is the hardest working woman on this planet for sure however she wants me to help her stand up the front wall.
There...the 2 outside walls and the 2 interior walls are up and in place and some of the subsiding is being nailed up on the North wall.
This was a tough task ...the actual wall being hosted into place is 8' tall by 10' wide and it's just the two of us, a rope, pickup truck and a whole lot of prayer
Cosmic Ray ..drove down from Winnipeg and gave us a much needed and appreciated couple of days assistance and honestly...without his help...we would have more than likely left this project in jeopardy for the winter...can't say enough about our friend Coz....thanks man.
The roof ...was also a challenge as we built the trusses on top of the walls and before Coz headed back home he helped us get all of the subsiding up and all of the sheathing up on the roof.
Shingles...Finally...Thanks to our friends from the Cando Lumber Yard for the use of a compressor and nail gun. The shingling was much easier than the old fashioned way for sure.
That's me ...up there on's about 20 feet to the top of this false front and the view is just awesome from up there.
How about this ...She was heading North One morning to the farm where we understand a few of these beasts hang out quite often.
This is the shot ...Susie took this picture as the sun went down on Saturday night...our last night here. We finished nailing down the ridge shingles with the help of the Coleman lantern about a quarter after 8...threw stuff in the truck and headed for Indiana. Phase still in the works and if all goes well we will be back sometime this winter...can not wait.