When I read the email from Kelly below....I couldn't wait to get up there...Susie wasn't so thrilled however!
I just rode my snowmobile up and looked at the Lodge. You would not believe the snow up there. The drift starts a little past the barn, and runs all the way to the Lodge. It is probably 6 foot deep the whole way. There is a drift across the porch that goes nearly to the top of the front door. It is so deep and hard, I am not sure a snow blower could even touch it. The road is also blocked, but I can get the county to open that up if I know you are coming for sure. I guess if at all possible, I would come in a month, hopefully it will be gone by then.  Later Kelly
The temperatures were quite mild...high 20's at night and 40's and better during the day. The yard became pretty muddy for the trek out to the privy so some stairs were carved into the bank just West out the front door and we were able to climb up to the top of the snow drifts and walk over without getting mud all over our boots...they lasted for the endurance of our stay. . we put a new stove in and was really pleased with it's performance for sure. Fixed the oven so Susie could showcase some of her best recipes for brownies and apple pie...everyone got a kick out them both for sure.
Rob and Amanda went along on this trip... this is them coming back from the outhouse before it got too muddy.
This is the North Wing after Rob and I installed the 2 large windows.... It sure is nice and light inside now and the view to the North is just great. ..especially at night.
The Smeltzers took time off from ice fishing to come over for a visit...Jackie had a birthday the day before but wouldn't tell us her age...well...we didn't ask.They brought some pictures of some of the fish they have been catching and also some from an awesome fishing trip at the Lake of the Woods in Minnesota earlier this year...they say there is still 40 inches of ice up there....
Coz and son Nate ventured down for a stay from up in Winnipeg... I think they had a good time just relaxing and playing some crazy card games..oh and eating too...
Rob went out one day to see if he could spot some moose...
The geese were just starting to head North while we were there.
Now I know that Ralph remembers this post here...scroll over the image and you will see what it looked like with all of the snow about!
Well as you can see there was plenty of snow for sure just like Kelly said...and it was really fun to experience it all however with the mud and all it's doubtful we will ever venture back up in those conditions again but...it was a great time just the same.