The farm from a mile East
Another morning...
The same morning as above when I headed back to the lodge I noticed this in the Western sky
And...yet another beatiful sunrise...
Broken glass in the window of Grandpa's workshop reflects the morning sunrise.

Here...a sunset..most every day we had great sunrises and sunsets.The Weather was near perfect for's the way it went most every day...the sun would go down with some clouds...then most of the night you could see all of the stars in the universe...mornings we would have somewhat cloudy skies that would burn off to mostly clear skies until dawn...just great...

This mushroom is interesting don't you think?
Too much rain this September has interfered with some of the harvesting however a couple sunny days with some wind changed that and I think all farmers were waisting no time getting into the fields

That's all of the images from this trip however I will take some time now to type a summary of the trip because we just didn't take as many pictures as we should have. I'll start from home...we had most of the things loaded a day before we left...oldest grandson Dalton has been helping out at the shop so he also helped me load up the rest of the trailer and truck. We had on the trailer...a new refrigerator and stove, the golf cart, the big top tent (poles and all), giant step ladder, cooler, all of the plywood for the living room floor, the windows and numerous other items. The truck was loaded to the max with 2 kitchen cupboards, all of the tools, clothes, and other items too many to remember.

We worked up until we could finally head out around 4:00 September 9th...we spent the night in Tomah, Wisconsin at the same place we stayed last December. Stopped the next morning for breakfast in Norske Nook in Osseo, Wisconsin (we highly recommend this place) and also bought a pie there.

Caught up to Garry and Farls at Cabela's and we all left there about the same time for the lodge. We ran into some heavy rain for a while in Minnesota and then mostly clouds with drizzle until we got to Devils Lake. The sky opened up and we had a great sunset as we drove out to the farm.

We unloaded most everything that night...Susie made supper and we were all ready for some sleep. While we were coming into Cando Friday evening we got a call from Babe Belzer...she invited us all in for lunch on Saturday so we of course all went in for that. She had so much family there that the kids had to set at a table in the garage. It was a great time visiting with them all and the food was great. It's just so good to have such good friends up there and we really do appreciate them all as we get to know them better and better with each visit.

Garry and Farls put together the new charcoal grill and it works great...I missed the first supper because I wasn't feeling well but had recovered from what ever was ailing me by the next morning (Sunday). We finished installing the first window in the bunkroom and that was about it for the weekend.

Monday...Garry and Farls headed back to Indiana and later on Coz headed back to Winnipeg. It was great having them all there and their help was greatly appreciated.

Visitors...we had a few despite the busy harvest time. Delbert and Beverly Lewallen, Harold (I am sorry that I can not right this minute remember his last name) the painter, Bob Kennedy the state patrolman who watches over the place for us. Babe Belzer made it out after a wrong turn at one point.

We hauled water from the Smeltzer's farm for showers and cleaning so we did get to see Forrest, Jackie and Kelly quite abit also. Jackie gave us some big tomatoes and Forrest gave us a blue ribbon onion from their's funny because when we last saw Forrest in June he was coming back from the garden with the onions he had planned on planting that night but the ground was too wet then.

The weather was wonderful with mostly sunny warm days however it did get down to 30 degrees one night but quickly warmed up to 70 degrees by afternoon. The grass kept growing while we were there and we didn't get to do much mowing but the areas that Bob has kept mowed have turned back to grass and looks so much better now.

The living room is now 95% done and it turned out quite nice we think. We wanted to get the kitchen / dining room painted but ran short of time for that. We did however get the refrigerator installed and man is that a nice addition along with the oven stove except for when Susie put her meatloaf in the oven we discovered that it doesn't work...Sears from Devils Lake will come out next time we are up and take care of that. Having a couple of cupboards to put things away is really nice also. The bunkroom is now insulated with the spray foam...we put our hands outside the window and touched the metal and it was quite hot...on the inside...nice and cool so we should be in good shape for the November crews.

Oh yes...we also moved the shower outside over by the playhouse and that opened up the kitchen / dining room considerably for us It's a bit of a trot out and back and should prove interesting this fall..

We are still eating some great potatoes (the carrots are all gone) that were given to us from Heather Belzer, Paul's wife..she also showed us the concrete counter tops they made for their kitchen...unbelievable.

We also saw and met some other the Farmers Market I ran into one of the Richard Bolton's daughters and had a good talk with her. In the Dairy Queen we met the pastor from the Assembly of God church (can't remember his name) I remembered him from Grandma's funeral. And then while in at the Cennex station we bumped into Harlan Wagenmon. Over in Bisbee we saw Ron Teubner's son and talked to him for a bit and also Virgil Teubner and his son. And stopped and talked to Tim Johnson up town while he was walking home from work one afternoon.

We left Sunday afternoon around 3:30 pm and took highway 2 all the way to the Mackinaw bridge and then South through Michigan to Indiana. We came right through Middlebury so we stopped for a quick visit at the Martin's Ace Hardware store that is owned and operated by Delbert and Beverly's one daughter Gloria and her family...we didn't get to see Gloria but did meet her husband and turns out that they were just up North and actually went out to the lodge when they were there just a couple of weeks before us. Small world sometimes.

So anyway's I am sure that I forgot some things but that's par for me are busy planning the November trip when we will be having another crew up for the addition to the North.We will be building a room that is 16 feet wide by 20 feet will eventually have 2 full bathrooms and a good sized room to enter into from the North and a second floor storage / sleeping area above the baths.

To the right...a post card from Cando before automobiles were present. Garry Ringler found it on Ebay and gave it to me when we got home...Click HERE to find out more...