We took off from home on a Friday August 31st and buzzed through Chicago with ease. Stopped in Madison at the Red Lobster for all you can eat shrimp and then on to Tomah where we once again secured a room at the Lark Inn. We took off Saturday morning and had breakfast in Winona, Minnesota where the photo above was taken of a bank that we were sure had been designed by Louis Sullivan...however a bit of research revealed that (The Merchants National Bank in Winona, designed in 1911-1912 by the Minneapolis firm of Purcell, Feick and Elmslie.) If you are interested in this you can learn more by clicking HERE.
We were able to get the North Wing ceiling foam sprayed so when we get back up here this fall we will be able to perhaps get the ceiling finished up and the walls also finished up and even painted. The one thing that has been in question since the beginning was whether or not the old well at the South West corner of the house that was put down in 1969 would still work...well with the good help up Charles Bursinger from Bisbee that question was answered. Having water once again flowing from that well is just so great it's hard to describe. After bucketing in water all this time?...Now we just turn on the hose and it's so easy...the luxury of modern living?...When we got the well to pumping... the water had an odd smell and was pretty much black but after running it for a couple of days...the smell is gone and it's clear as a bell...and the water is so soft you can't believe it. Next we will bring up a water heater and get everything hooked up so it will be just like the real thing up there. We also will be bringing back the new smaller sized bunk beds on the next trip.
Early Sunday afternoon we arrived at the lodge and unloaded the truck and then received a call from Delbert that we would be welcome over to their farm for supper as they had some family visiting from Minot and Middledury, Indiana. Afterwards they came over to see the lodge and below is evidence of this.
Left to right standing-Larry and Gloria, Beverly and Delbert, Denise and Stephen, Karen and Bruce, sitting-Chad and Vanessa with their two little kids that we can't think of their names just now.
Beans and Bisbee way off in the distance.
The moose were seen nearly everyday somewhere about. There is a mother with twins that we saw mostly.
And one day the wind blew pretty good until sundown.
I love this view to the West...and even more now that the lawn is mowed...it's so green up there and the sun and shadows create a dramatic contrast just before sunset.
Here's a shot looking back from the West.
Here's a shot of one of the cupboards...notice anything special there?...Yes sirree...it's Larry Erb's famous Electric Salsa. He gave us this jar just before we headed up North.
Cosmic Ray came marching in on Thursday and helped out with matters before leaving Saturday.
These are the first people we ever had to run off the property...we didn't want to...it just so happens that they stopped over just about the same time we were to take off for some homemade ice cream at Delbert's so they understood perfectly. From left to right-Barbara & Merwin Johnson and then Lavon & Harlan Wagenman.
We left Sunday September 9th and spent the night in Fargo...off early the next morning we headed down to Menomonee to see some friends and then on South... we had to turn around after seeing this big fish in Trempealeau, Wisconsin, the drive we turned into had a great surprise for us...A sign that our friend Noel B. Weber from Boise Idaho had created was there on the building right before us...wow...what a good feeling it was happening upon this. See below!
Potosi Brewing Company in Potosi, Wisconsin. More to this place than you can imagine. The story of the old Brewery is a good one and the museum is incredible and along with all of this...a woodworking artist, Gary David, who has created some major works of art in time...check out his website HERE...and to think that his shop is right there in the mix of all of this? That's him to the right here. And above him is an example of his work in the museum. Spectacular I tell you!!!!!