Well, Susie had to drive a spell on the way home so I could get a bit of shut eye...she went the wrong way when we got to Fargo and by the time we got back to where the right road was we had gone an additional 4.4 miles...look at the odometer here...this is the actual mileage from the lodge to home here in Indiana.

Here's a picture of Ralph with Paul Bunyan in Bemidgi, Minnesota.
We got off at 4:00 am October 20th with one man short...Vince came down sick just before take off so we had to leave him at home. We delivered a job up to Sheboygan, Wisconsin first and then headed over to Plymouth, Wisconsin where we had done a wall earlier this year and had coffee with many of the friends we had made there. And then off to Rice Lake where we spent the rest of the day relaxing in the Currier's Lake Resort. We took off early Friday morning so we could be in Devils Lake , North Dakota sometime around 2:30 to meet Little Jon at the airport.

We saw many eagles at Rice Lake and many more on highway 2 across Minnesota...here's one in a nest just off the side of the road.
Just before we crossed the border into North Dakota we came across something we had never ever seen before...must have been a couple thousand bras draped over an entire building...just look at that...and this is just part of them.
Her's a sign in Devils Lake the little blue sign up high is the lake level of Devils Lake right now...so if the dike breaks people there will want to have boats in their drive ways for sure!
What good friends we have in and around Cando...the Belzers let us borrow their backhoe...when we tried to square up with them we were told in no uncertain terms that they would have no part of that...well let me just say this right here and now "THANK YOU"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Getting the septic system installed was our main objective this trip and while Susie and I made a trip to Grand Forks and back Ralph and Jon got the job done the first day.
Sunsets always seem to amaze us up here ...sure they may look similar in other regions but there's something about a North Dakota sunset that just has a bit more magic in the settling down.
Breakfast in Bisbee is a must and we always find time to make at least one appearance there.
I should mention here that before we got in Friday night we got a call from Delbert and Beverly, they had us over for supper that night...real good food and real good apple pie and ice cream for dessert...also they invited us to the "Hunter's Breakfast" just this side of Leeds Saturday morning...we met them there and saw some familiar faces also...Harlan And LaVon were just leaving and the preacher's wife from the Assembly of God in Cando was there helping out with the serving and greeting and such...we think that we should now schedule all of our fall trips so that we can make it up there to this great breakfast in a really awesome little church (North Prairie Lutheran)...and then Sunday evening Bruce and Karen invited us over to their farm for a bon fire...many folks were there and by golly we knew many.
Here's the beginning of the North Wing Deck ...it measures 16 feet wide by 12 feet deep so there should be plenty of room for some gathering there in the future...it made for a swell work space for when we started building the shutters.
We took advantage of the use of the backhoe to dig a new hole for the out house and before we set it in place we buried a steel oil drum with the end cut out for the holding tank.
Ralph weilding a shovel...he is a man of many talents that Ralph he is!
The old Chevy Grain Truck ...it was last plated in 1974...only one of the six tires was flat and Jon thinks he will have it up and running this summer sometime...man it will sure be fine to see her rolling down the old dirt roads in Towner County again.
One of the first things we must do is get the logos on the doors and get the bed boards lettered up also.
What was written earlier here about the sunsets?...have a look at this sunrise!
Here's a shot in the early afternoon...we had such good weather up there...it's really hard to believe.
There were some birds about however not as many as we are used to seeing this time of year up there.
Now the temperatures did drop in the evenings, some nights to the low 20's and as you can see here the frost was pretty heavy however the sun gets to work most ever morning and warms the days up quite nicely.
We took Jon to the airport in Devils Lake on Tuesday afternoon so he missed out on a great dinner at Ron and Edair Tuebners home with their son Jeff and his wife Kathy and their daughter. I am sorry that I did not get any more pictures other than the one here of the table setting however we did have a great meal and then a good visit in the living room afterwards.
Our neighbors from back home in Indiana... Dana and Kathy Cone stopped by for an afternoon visit on their way back from their trip up to Winnipeg. We enjoyed the cheese and root beer they brought from the Dells.
Ralph doing what he does best...screwing around!