We had worked pretty hard getting things around for this trip and the trailer and truck were both loaded over the legal limits I'm sure this time. We had all of the car siding for the Northwing ceiling stained and clear coated on the trailer along with the bunk beds and mattresses and tools etc. and then on top of that several rolls of carpet and padding all secured under a tarp with ropes to secure everything. It was a load. The Truck was loaded from front to back also with the a mattress on top of everything else because it just would not fit on the trailer. We made a 2 day trip going up as we left on Monday October 29th at right about 12:00. We spend that night in....well I can't think of the town just now....anyways, We arrived around 4:00 pm Tuesday afternoon and commenced with the business of unloading, heating up the place and putting things together for the week ahead and just like that it was time for supper and then off to bed. The picture above was taken Wednesday morning and that was about the last time we saw anything of the sun the rest of the time we were up there...unusual because we have been accustom to supper nice sunny days before.
Now here's what happened on Thursday...
6 inches of beautiful snow landed all over the place. It stayed cold enough then that the snow never got sticky or sloshy so it was not a bother at all...just cold and snow....we shouldn't be at all surprised after all this is NORTH DAKOTA?
This picture was taken by Robert Kennedy just after we left....
looks like they got some more snow!
Here's a shot of the old 3 holer...the door swings in...makes good sense when there's 3 feet of snow.
the North Wing...Luckily we had only inside work to do this trip so the snow didn't really trouble us too much!
It was kind of cold sitting on the front porch ...drinking coffee in the morning.
Ice sickles on the bunk room ...however none on the living room...going to have to get that bunk room done one of these days. Vince can tell you that those ice sickles are nothing to toy with!
Ralph shoveled a nice path to the outhouse!!!
Since the nearest laundry mat is now in Devils Lake Susie decide that we should have a washer and dryer in the lodge so... Vince and Ralph managed to rework some plumbing and electric so now we are ready...
Meanwhile I was left to insulate the ceiling and strip out the nailers for the car siding... after Vince and Ralph finished up the drywall and the painting they commenced helping me with the car siding but by then I was pretty much shot and so we gave up the fight to live another day. I mean hey...so we didn't get everything finished up as we would have liked we did manage to make some good progress and we'll get it done when we get it done1