Okay now come on?...How awesome is this?...On our way up to the Lodge this December we took a little jont from Minneapolis towards Willmar, Minnesota (another town that I used to work out of just out of high school for awhile) and we happened on to this in Darwin, Minnesota....for more information on this National Destination click HERE
The trip up was great along with the weather unlike 2 years ago with the 38 below temps and record snowfalls...in contrast we had very mild temps with very little snow at all. We still built a small fire in the stove and stayed really warm all of the time. Above is the shadows of the smoke on the snow.
The sun shined all of the time except for when it went down and then the moon and stars took over...to the left is the steam from my coffee cup in the morning sun...what is barely visible is my breakfast (apple pie and ice cream...boy do I ever love it up there.
Oh yea...the sun is setting pretty far in the South and I do mean "PRETTY"
I took a walk around the place just after we locked up and headed for home...this should give you a good idea about what it looks like from most directions or...it could make you dizzy and throw up too!