This was the month to see Moose...they were visible almost everyday and then this big guy comes out and man is ever a monster.
Canola was looking good right out our back door.
Yet another amazing sunset...
Big ole sun.
We left home and of all things forgot the pie box with all of the pie money and coupons so...we had Steve Carson mail the coupons up to Jackie Smeltzer.
I put this together from 4 separate you a better idea of the scope of things up here doesn't it?
Bob and Norma Timms had us over for some coffee and cookies and so here's a group shot of all of the survivors.
The Steele brothers planted some flowers at Grandpa and Grandmas stone...thanks guys!
This is one of Forest's flowers in the yellow lodge cup.
We borrowed Delbert's ice cream freezer and made a batch of vanilla ice cream to take over to Harlan and Lavonne's for a fine supper with many friends including Delbert and Beverly...that's when we had to come clean about the Gerby Royale story. More on that some other time....
Speaking of eating...we went to supper one night in a little town just East of Egeland...can't remember the name right now but...look at the railroad tracks here...the bridge must have washed out from beneath the rails and ties but they held together and are just hanging there...pretty odd looking.
Made some progress on the decoys.
Edair & Trudy and in the front row...Trudy's 2 girls...oh come know who you are?