Jeff Moore and his son Jake and everybody's friend Vince Rhodes on top of the lodge. They came up and did some hunting and while he was there Jeff did some roof repair on the lodge.
Here's their official 2015 North Dakota Hunting Lodge photo.
Coming back after the day's hunt.
The individual official North Dakota Hunting Lodge photos.
I have counted and there's at least 555 geese here.

And we have a first....TRICK OR TREATERS...Vanessa brought her kids, Miles and I forget her name right now...I'll think of it tomorrow.
Of course you all know that Vanessa is Delbert and Beverly's grand-daughter.
And also Bruce and Karen Lewallen's daughter. knew that, but what is that little girl's name?

Off in the distance towards the West you can see the Steele Brother's Tool Shed.
I made time to work on the boy's decoys.
Found it pretty easily...drove right up to it first time.
Saw this sign on our way to the St. John cemetery where we went to find Pat Byrne's (my biological grandfather) grave marker.
So...yea...we stopped at the house to see if anyone was home and...Can't remember her name but she showed me the above photo of the Koski family taken in the 1940's...That's my biological grandparents there in the front who homesteaded the farm there in Rolla from Finland (Henry & Anna Louisa) biological Grandma (Ethel Koski) is 3rd in from the left.
Sunrises at the farm in North Dakota in November.
And an evening sky at the farm in North Dakota