Our good friend Andy Goretski from up around Tomahawk, Wisconsin was able to come along for the final trip of 2014. So we met Andy and his wife Lori for breakfast in Merrill, Wisconsin...loaded up Andy's gear and headed to the lodge. It was I think October 31, 2014. When we arrived it was the first part of November and there had already been plenty of frost working it's way into the ground...luckily we didn't have any frozen water lines and it didn't take long before the lodge was warmed up and it felt good to be back. This year we didn't plan on doing to much other than some hunting so...no crew and very few tools... instead some hunting gear loaned to me by my oldest son Rob. He provided everything from waders, coats, a gun and shells so I just had to give it a try.
Hey the Google Maps people just changed the picture of the Lodge...a pretty clear shot compared to the past images...thanks Andy for pointing this out to us.
Andy and I decide that we would hunt the slough just East of the lodge as it's a pretty large body of water with cat tails all around. We took the fishing boat down, put it in and oared around and found an ideal little cove to park it in. The next morning we were up and out in the boat by 6:00 am with all of the decoys floating about and then it happened...this duck comes in and lands there with the decoys and Andy decides that I should take a shot...it would be my first shot ever at a duck...well I missed with my first shot but my second one hit my mark and down he (well it was a she...a female shoveler?)came ...So I guess I am now a duck hunter of sorts....just need to get some of my own gear and then who could argue with that?
My first duck.
This is Andy in the NorthWing cleaning the guns...as cold as it was outside it was just nice and warm as could be on the inside.
I was hoping that we could hunt some geese and the Steele bros. were willing to help out as much as possible so when we came back from town one day...there on the back deck was their goose decoys...man I would have loved to have tried them out but the geese had pretty much all come through a week or so before we got up there...maybe next year!
Now when we first got there there wasn't any snow yet and the temperature was pretty nice at first so I was able to get the mower out and mow one last time...here's a look just afterwards looking South towards the barn there. That very night it snowed pretty good and we never saw the grass again.
The elevators up North there in Bisbee are sporting some new, big, bright lights
Here are some deer looking North just before hunting season opened up on them...we saw some moose again this time but it was as we were leaving so I didn't get any pictures...you will just have to take my word for it...and Andy can verify....
This eagle was seen flying around many times while were there this time which leads me to believe he may have a nest close by.
There were some gees moving but for the most part they were pretty high up and heading South.
This view looked much better the day before just after mowing but...it looks kind of nice too with the fresh snow.
Seriously beautiful sunsets up there.
When we were last up there in July Kathy Miller gave Susie these flowers and told her to just let them dry...so...we just left them on the kitchen table there and when we came back...well there they were...still looking pretty nice as you can see.
Susie has been putting up many pictures and prints and pictures. The first one is a John Hannukaine print of one of his original water colors...the second one is an old print that Susie purchased at the Antique decoy show up in St. Charles , Illinois last year...the fellah that sold it to her claims to have been hunting around Bisbee one year...said he ran a stop sign in Bisbee and of all things was pulled over and ticketed for the violation...now that is just bad timing as I have never seen any law in Bisbee...ever! The third print is by Dan Swatsky and then the final one is of a grouping of photos of old farm buildings.
Okay now we just can not go through Wisconsin without stopping at one of the four Norske Nook Bakeries Steve (Chopsaw) Carson pretty much controls the coupons / the pie wagon money and the pick anymore so of course he had to make an official "Pie Wagon Pie Box" which made it's maiden voyage up and back on this trip....just one problem...the pie he picked out was so tall we could not close the lid without crushing the pie so we had to eat it...just kidding...it made it home and it was mighty good...thanks for sharing this time Chopsaw!!!!