This is right after the sun went down in early November 2016. The weather could not have been any in the mornings....warm during the wind...lots and lots of sunshine.
This was taken after dark with only the light from the farm light.
This was taken after dark with only the light from moon.
This was taken just as the sun was going down.
This was taken just as the sun was coming up.
This was taken just as the sun was just coming also.
There's this tower in town that blinks with white lights during the day and then just before dark it changes to red...the watching of this transition has become quite a spectacular event as of late to many up in these parts.
Here's a few unusual things that you can sometimes see in the sky. An eagle, a jet and...the northern lights. Oh and aslo...geese below.
Probably will never see this again at the lodge...the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series on tv in the kitchen.
A pheasant is a rare sight also ...we saw 6 of them just North of 17.
This was taken by Jeff Moore one morning while out hunting one of our sloughs.
Okay down to's all of the material to finish the bunk room...just sitting there ready to go.
Here's the bunk room...before it was cleared out and ready for completion.
The floor was first...we laid down a vapor barrier, styrofoam, 2 x 4's and then 3/4 plywood subflooring...that's Jeff's son Jake securing down the plywood.
Next the walls...were studded out with a curved plywood top plate fashioned after the way Dan List did the living room walls. Then the wiring and insulation followed.
Of course nothing was started...until we all had a say on how we each felt it should be done...I had some good ideas but they never used any of them and everything turned out great.
The ceiling was next...again...I had some good ideas about how to go about doing this also but...they did it their way and it turned out great.
As the ceiling was being nailed up...the insulation was laid up also.
The flat wall on the other side of the kitchen...was next...some wiring, an electric wall mount heater and then the car siding. That's Jeff Moore on the left and Vince Rhodes on the right.
Now for the fun part ...the car siding being put up on the round walls. Susie was pretty happy with the results as you can see.
There was some discussion ...about whether or not there was enough boards to finish the job...turns out we used every last board ...sometimes you just get lucky I spose.
Oh here's a shot of Jeff ...earlier during one of those discussions.
The ceiling fans went up just after....the ceiling was finished and provided better light to work with.
The wood stove went back in easy enough and right after it was fired up the next morning the windows were opened up!
Did I tell you that we took time to eat really well...most every meal but this night...Vince fired up the charcoal grill and worked his magic grilling up some mighty tasty rib eyes from K and E meats in Cando.
I had it all planned out to finish up the work sometime Saturday afternoon but as usual with these guys...they had their own plan and before supper Thursday evening we were DONE!
We moved in the 2 kitchen tables and 9 chairs (not pictured) and set them up for the Saturday night Italian dinner special planned out by the Suze.
Here's a shot taken from outside the bunk room window just before the meal was served...that's me on the left and then Jake, Jeff, Susie, Jackie, Dave, Kelly, Vince and then that's Ron with his back to the camera...oh well.
The kitchen has also seen some progress of late.
Group shot just before the guys left the next morning.
One last shot of Susie and me having breakfast in our pajamas on the front porch in the morning in November in North Dakota...