Okay...we took off, I think it was Thursday afternoon about 3:00 May 22nd. Visited some friends around Delavan, Wisconsin and then spent the night somewhere on the west side of St. Paul, Minnesota. Up early Friday morning and headed north of Grand Forks to Grafton. Met our attorney, Nick Hall, and his wife there at their office and also found a friend signpainter whom we hadn't seen for quite a spell that just so happens to have a sign shop in that very same town. Ann McCain showed us about her shop and then reluctantly posed in front of a hand painted sign / illustration that she had done awhile ago...very, very nice work.

We arrived at the lodge late afternoon and opened up the place, turned on the water and everything else and were happy to find that all had survived the harsh North Dakota winter last. They say the frost had just gone out of the ground when we arrived after freezing down to as much as 8 feet in some areas. We evidently brought the warm weather with us as we really didn't need any heat the whole time we were there...in fact it was pretty hot (80) the day we headed for home.
A photo taken from east of the Lodge.
Here's a photo of me helping the Steele Bros. fix their tractor...I am giving them instructions from the manual and they are doing the manual work.
Here they are in front of their "MACHINE SHED"...it is not a barn...they do not put hay in it.
More wild life...a moose in our grass and some ducks in our slough and a deer on our road.
We installed the Murphy Beds in the North Wing and then took a break and played checkers. Those are the beds that look like shelves...of course they fold down just in time for bed each night!
To the left are some bells that we came across in Rugby...it's the first time I remember being there since 1972...I wanted to ring the bells but didn't know who to ask! Above...some awesome clouds to the East one evening about 9:00 pm.
We went to breakfast in Bisbee with Anna Olson and Babe Belzer...and then the last day we were up there we had breakfast at the Lodge and you can see that Susie set a pretty fine looking table there for the Wagenmans, Jackie Smeltzer, Dave and Bill Steele and Kelly Smeltzer. We packed up after breakfast and headed home to Indiana.
We put wooden frames on the pictures in the kitchen.

Susie above is in her Murphy Bed reading "One Evening".
Actually she's just reading one evening...you know...before you go to bed.

Got the mower out of the barn and cut the grass.
Above you see Susie with her stackable washer and dryer...it was the wrong color when Gable Shrock gave it to her but we fixed it up with a fresh coat of white paint.
Okay...so Harlan finally gave up the bus driving. I think he had driven the bus for nearly 50 years..is that right?...we just happened to hear that the school was going to honor him one morning and so we made it a point to be there. Here he is with Lavonne reminiscing some about the many years behind the wheel of a bus.
Had some friends stop out for the first time during this last trip...it's Colleen and Michael Rohr from down around Churches Ferry. He preaches at a couple of the local churches. I first remember him telling some stories about Grandma Mac at her funeral.
Before we came up on this trip our friend Steve Carson brought over an old DU print he had recently acquired at some sale...it's a nice print matted and framed up. Susie hung it up in "Steve's Hallway" where it hung for about a minute before it crashed to the floor...oh well!...a new piece of glass and a little glue...it's as good as new again only this time she was a little more careful hanging it up.
Looking East down the road that runs by the Lodge.
And look here...signs!...Now you can find your way around the country without stopping the farmers to ask.
Pounded down some stakes to mark the boundary lines of what has officially become "OUR LAND"...Oh happy day!
Here's the time and temperature when we left.
Some interesting things we spotted on some back roads of Wisconsin.
Spent the night in Hayward, Wisconsin and lo and behold they have one of those Norske Nooks there so...yep...we had breakfast there and since we had a pie pan and the pie money and the pie wagon well...we bought another pie to take home...we were on our way to Steve Carson's house when we got home to deliver it to him but...well...let's just say he was lucky to get half a pie because of Adam List...yep..it was all Adam's fault Steve...just ask him!
Oh yeah...how about this Eagle that we saw in Wisconsin?