Above is the way he looked the last time he was at the lodge...2009
Our one grandson Jake had a camp in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin and the timing was such that we could take him up and drop him off on our way to the lodge the end of May. Here he is as we left him...alone in front of his cabin looking like he was ready for us to leave.
Sunsets are always something to see up there.
The dark purple lilacs were in full bloom.
Asparagus was there for the picking.
Come on?....This is just beautiful isn't it?
Bisbee Elevator...at night sometimes they load the train cars and you should see it lit up against the North Dakota sky.
A shot from across a slough with the farm in the background...I shot my first duck in this slough while hunting in the early morning in October out of the boat with Andy Goretski from Wisconsin.
Another slough on the farm.
Speaking of ducks....
Some geese and a yellow headed blackbird
And..these swallows have built a colony under the East end of the barn...see below.
This little herd was just outside the backdoor looking to the North.
This little fella was heading West just outside the back door of the lodge one morning...and below...this deer is probably thinking "Seriously?...hundreds and hundreds of miles of these dirt roads and a truck picks this one that I am on?...COME ON MAN!
Almost forgot to include this little guy...sitting on the fence up by the road at the farm.
I like this picture...there's so much to see in it and so much to stir the imagination. The old barn with the dilapidated window, the old rusty pump under the windmill, the flowers and weeds, the fresh cut grass and the woods off in the distance...I like to think about what it was like when this was a working farm.
I imagine what my grandpa Mac saw through these windows and the chores he had inside and outside of this barn....the first window in this little video was shot from inside the barn through the Southwest window on the South side. The second window is on the Southeast side of the barn.
Thanks to the Steele brothers again this year for planting flowers on my grandpa and grandma's grave.
We had a visit from the Teubners and so the rocking chairs were brought out and they assembled for a classic family photo here at the lodge. Of course that's Ron and Edair in the chairs...standing from left to right...the grandson's wife? Jeff and Kathy, Their son? their daughter and her boyfriend?
While the Teubners were there they broke out their drone...here's a couple shots from the craft.
This is what we looked like when this picture was taken.