Well June was a good time to be at the Lodge again this year...we were right on time for the asparagus which was plentiful and we all had too much fun walking the ditches and finding the good stuff...it was kind of bitter sweet as our friend Coz would be moving out to Vancouver Island after this visit and we don't know when our paths will meet again so...yeah...kind of bitter sweet.
I had met Jim Olson a few years back in town...his dad John and my dad were good friends...this was the first time that he had stopped by when were home so here's a picture of what that next generation looks like I guess.
Jim used to spray from the air for several years but has come down to the ground, well almost to the ground, with this monster.
Susie got busy with the landscaping around the front porch and it really helped with the "Curb Appeal" don't you agree?
Always feels good to get the mowing done and I am sure that Grandpa Mac would appreciate seeing the green green grass of home here like it is again.
Also got the barn yard between the road and the barn mowed and it's looking pretty as ever now.
While we're on the subject of grass...look at this will you...it just feels so good seeing the place come around so.
A little whirl wind...
Lilacs were in full bloom.
If I was a bird I would consider putting my home here.
Speaking of birds...here's a Sharp Tail Grouse...he was on the road and seemed more than happy to have his picture taken.
This is what he looks like flying away...
A baby duck.
A canary.
A female Rudy duck.
A male Rudy duck.
Not sure what kind of bird this is...the next 2 pictures are of the same birds.
Canada geese.
This hawk nested just East of the lodge.
An Oriole.
A little sparrow of sorts?
A little Wren.
And last but not least...we spotted these Pelicans just East of Devils Lake.
Seriously...the sunsets and sunrises are so incredible...
Lots of honey bees.
Breakfast on the front porch.
You can see the barn through the trees.