Here's the group shot of everyone that attended the North Dakota Hunting Lodge Banquet on September 16th 2016...Quaker Haven Dining Hall...

Bill Hutchinson / Tam Hutchinson / Jake Hutchinson / Rob Hare / Amanda Hare / Dalton Hare / Marrisa Schneider / Delaney Hare / Jon Hare / Shannon Price
Brandon Dennis / Amy Dennis / Larry Erb / Vince Rhodes / Denise Rhodes / Steve Carson / Kelly Carson / Josh Carson / Tim Torrence / Bobbi Torrence
Rick Ganger / Tina Ganger / Bob Rhodes / Mari Rhodes / Bailey Hershberger / Austin Lutz / MaClain Herr / Ray Swartzendruber / Carol Swartzendruber
Doyle Butler / Jo Butler / Steve Unruh / Pam Unruh / Rusty Rumfelt / Kristi Rumfelt / Parker Rumfelt / Ed Waltz / Maria Waltz / Dana Cone / Kathy Cone
Scotty Pounds / Carol Pounds / David Butler / Susie Butler

There was plenty to snack on before the meal was served.
Amanda decorated the tables and there was little doubt about where you were to be seated...
Steve, Kelly and Josh Carson along with Josh's girl friend (don't know her name)
Bailey found his seat and got after some snacks. Behind him...Steve and Pam Unruh, Ed and Maria Waltz and Vince and Denise Rhodes and Dana Cone way back there.
That's my dad (Doyle) and me.
Marrisa and Dalton
MaClain Herr and Jake Hutchinson Parker, Rusty and Kristi Rumfelt
Bobbi Torrence and Denise Rhodes
Vince Rhodes with a prize hat from the drawing.
Jon, Shannon and Bill looking like they are receiving some orders from someone?
Delaney and McKenzie Hare
McKenzie was like Vanna White when it came time for the drawing of the tickets...well...maybe more like Tina Fey...
Ray Swartzendruber was a big winner and let everyone there know that he is a Republican.
And who can forget this moment in time...Steve (Chopsaw) Carson with his heart felt presentation of the infamous Pie Wagon Box with a pie that his mom had baked inside...the most amazing thing about it was that it was a whole pie...not a piece had been cut out of it...Thanks Steve and thanks Lorraine....
Even Little Parker Rumfelt had a winning ticket.
A table full of major prizes yet to be won.
Here's a picture of the drawing...Rob Hare stood watch over the prizes, McKenzie called out the winning numbers, Jon and Bill were there and Tam hands Steve his prize....this went on until all of the prizes were awarded...of course!
It's a little blurry because I think it was trying to fly away..this is the awesome flower arrangement crafted out of feathers and donated to the cause by Bobbi Torrence...thanks Bobbi
Delaney holds the Golden Goose as Tammy inserts a shot gun shell with Dalton looking on...
Brandon explains while Rob appears to be listening.
The shells were drawn out...the keys were drawn out and the game began to see who had the key that would eventually open the lock that held the major prize...the decoy...stay tuned to see who won.
And Brandon had the key that opened the lock to win the Decoy ...congratulations Brandon !

Perhaps the best part of the banquet was Larry's heart felt toast to our friend Dan List who we lost a while back. Larry was probably closer to Dan than anyone else and his reminiscing of the time when Dan was at the lodge in the beginning was reflective of who Dan was and reminded us all now of how much we will always miss him...Larry...we all thank you for that....

Larry Erb was the winner of the NDHL chair...way to go Larry...
Susie and I would just like to say again...THANK YOU to...everyone who has come up to the lodge in North Dakota to help us build that dream...everyone who has made to trip up to simply visit the place...and also the Quaker Haven Camp staff for a wonderful meal and setting for the 2016 banquet.
CLICK HERE for the moviie trailer about the PIE WAGON BOX's the morning after the banquet...Breakfast anyone? This is a photo of the Infamous Pie Wagon Box with the pie that Steve's mom (Loraine) made...IT WAS GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!