This is what the lodge looked like when we left for home in August...we repainted the front and painted the railings on the new steps and...painted the shutters red.
Another angle shot in the morning.
That's durum out there with the Bisbee elevators in the distance.
Durum / Sunflowers

While we were there a big storm came through with many tornadoes / rain and hail...lucky for us it turned and missed us completely.
Above is a coulee overflowing from the rain.

To the left...a close up of what Durum looks like. In Latin Durum means "hard", and the species is the hardest of all wheats.
The road looking East from the farm has so little traffic anymore and not much maintenance either that it looks more like a prairie road than even a dirt road.
This is what the road looked like May 2014
The months of June and July had more than their fair share of rain and the mowing was made difficult so...after much mowing and raking we had the place looking like it you can see above...there was plenty to rake...that pile of grass is from the barn yard only.
A couple of chairs set out for a couple of special people to sit and enjoy the Pleasant View.
That's me and a couple of the Fox boys, Richard Ward and Darrel...they took us fishing on a monday and now we are hooked on the sport.
Here's the catch...mostly Northerns and one started raining just about the same time the table was set up for the cleaning but after a few minutes it stopped and the Fox boys were quick to make fillets out of the mess of fish above.
But not before we had our fair share of I am saving one of Darrel's lures while sacrificing a dry boot.

Jackie and Kelly Smeltzer went fishing with us one day and of course Jackie came away with the biggest fish of the day. So between the Fox brothers showing us how to fish and Kelly showing me (notice I said "ME"!) how to clean fish we now consider ourselves Fishermen and look forward to getting back up there for more.

Oh...and that walley was caught by Susie...a good 5 pounder.