Well after spending a few days painting a wall in Centerville, Iowa...we left for the lodge on Sunday morning. We stopped in Lacona and visited some relatives before heading North and loaded up with some tomatoes and a watermelon. The above image is how we found many of the fields around Cando looking...canola in full bloom for the most part.

We didn't get there in time to see any flax in bloom however Kelly Smeltzer sent us this photo of a flax field beside a canola field all in bloom.
Now with this many birds hanging around up there you wouldn't expect there could be too many mosquito's left but there are still many of them just the same.
Just had to put up a new DuckButt birdhouse on the front porch...it's not particularly an ideal place where a wren might want to build but it does look quite nice right there in the center of things.
Saw this moose out there on the North East end of things.
We cut and assembled a butcher block counter top and put it into place and then dropped the big ole cast iron sink in...if a tornado happens by...a safe place would be under that sink for sure. We moved the fridge over on the Southeast corner of the kitchen and it sure opened things up...a few more cabinets to install along with a dishwasher and the kitchen is pretty close to being done.
We had a pretty good turn out for the Picnic on Thursday. Susie says she counted 40 at one time and some folks had already left before I realized that we hadn't even taken one picture so we gathered up everyone that was left for a group shot so we'd have some proof of the event. I'll get the names put in soon. Oh and a big thanks to Bruce Lewallen...we found ourselves a little short on chairs and he came to our rescue with a dozen or so chairs and saved the day. Also...Ross made some really good homemade rubarb icecream....
Now to the left here is a picture of the many gifts that some that came to the picnic brought out. Lots of chocolates, country dish towels, cheese, crackers, flowers, cards with kind words written inside, a gord...and it's all set up on an old wash tub that was given to us by Nancy and Dan Bennett from Centerville, Iowa.
Here's the breakfast setting on Friday morning after the picnic out on the North deck.
The lodge is sporting some mulch around the front porch and it really sets it off nicely. We'll have to get some flowers and bushes put in before long.